Kolkata Still Remain the City of Joy

I always get attracted to the city of joy Kolkata since my childhood. Though I am have been born and brought up in Delhi, the Bengali gene always attracts me to the city Kolkata. Few weeks earlier, I got the chance to visit the city for the first time in my life due to my office work. However, I did not expect that I would get the chance to roam around the city. On arriving at Kolkata airport car rental desk, I found that it was over crowded. Therefore, I have booked taxi from an online taxi service to reach my hotel. I went to my office on the day morning and the work got finished before schedule, which gives me a complete half day off on the next day as my flight was at evening.

Next day morning, my hotel attendant told me that taxi service Kolkata is not a very easy cup of cake. So he insisted me to take hire a car to roam. I found one of the agencies was giving a good deal on the car rental so I booked the rental for a half day. I had my lunch early and got out to explore the city of joy. I have listed here some of the places that I have visited in that short span.

My first destination was the Victoria Memorial hall. My driver of the rental car informed me that people even come to this place in the morning to do the morning walks. I took the ticket from the counters as it cost me only 20 rupees. However, for a foreigner it cost a lot more. In entered the main building after crossing the long lawn and garden. I have visited the galleries where I have seen different types of old oil paintings, artifacts etc. It took more than an hour but still I would not be able to complete all the 25 galleries that it has.

The second destination the driver took me is to the famous Indian museum. However, there are still few renovations were going on, I have managed to visit other galleries. I have been amazed by the collection the India’s biggest and oldest museum has in it. I got a taste of Egypt also while roaming at the Egyptian gallery. It has a huge collection of archeological arts and fossils.

Once I get out of the Indian Museum, I asked the driver to take me to the Jorasanko, the house of Rabindranath Tagore. The car crossed the Dalhousie square and takes right for the central avenue. Within next few minutes, I have reached there. Presently the main office campus of Rabindran Bharti University is located at that ancestral house of Tagore. Here, Rabindranath was born in the year 1861 and even died on 1941. It is presently serving as Tagore museum. It reflects the involvement of Tagore family in the Bengal renaissance and up rise of Brahmo Samaj. Apart from the regular programming, the university arranges occasional cultural programs for the visitors. The 217 years old house still stands as the reflection of the involvement and contribution of the Tagore’s in India’s greatness.

However, it also took a lot of time for me to visit the places and once I have come out of the Jorasanko, I had hardly time to visit any other places. Therefore, my driver directly took me directly to the airport from where I took my return flight. There are so many places left to visit as I have planned now to go to those places on my next visit. However, I must thank my driver who has not only driven me to the destinations but also guided me about the local culinary and foods. I must also thank the agency who provided the swift car service at a very reasonable pricing.


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