5 Tips regarding car rentals bookings to go on a holiday

Indians have a reputation of being a frequent traveler in the world. Even if they do not get a chance to go for a long vacation at least one weekend vacation will be their surely on their monthly list. In case weekend vacation, usually people used go for an online car booking and then set out for the destination. However, many of them face different issues while they book a car. Here I have provided 5 tips following which they can avoid the harassments.

Net Surfing: It is generally has been seen that people used check very rare on the net about the car rental services. However, it is advisable that one must always check net before closing a deal with car rentals. The different companies on the internet give lucrative deals and offers on the net. One can compare and choose different deals as per their choice. Apart from that one can get information regarding different issues.

Go weekend: It has been generally seen that people used to get cheaper deals on the weekends. The companies also offer different lucrative deals on the weekends to attract the people. Where in the weekdays one will get the higher rates, which are generally considered as a pick time. Whereas, on can book hotels over the online to get the lucrative deals on them too. However, there are some rental companies where people can get better deals on the weekdays also.

Get insurance: It is very important for the people who are planning for going to a tour by booking a car to see tat the car has insurance or not. There are different companies, which provide different offers on the booking such as collision related, insurance. Most of the insurance offers coverage to the driver if he hurts any one during the period of travelling. There are some of the insurance, which protects the car, and the damaged materials related to the car. Thus it is advisable before one is going to travel out stations using a car booking must see that his insurance cover the rental car damage or collision damage.

Early Bird: There are special offers are usually provided by the organisations to those customer who came to them on a early basis. Thus, it is important that if you are planning a trip for weekend then you must book the car early in the start of the week. It has been also seen that there are certain time when the people usually book the cars at a final hour. However, in case of lucky customer they may get a last hour offer but generally it happens only at a rare occasion. In addition, there is also a possibility of not getting any of the booking if you are trying to find a car later.  Thus, it is advisable to the individuals to go for the booking at an early basis.

Up gradation: Always keep an eye open especially while one is going for the up gradation of the booking. One must talk with the companies in early about the up gradations. There are several times people used to upgrade the vehicle depending on the different conditions and issues. Suppose, one is planning to alone to a place but suddenly four or five more friends comes and join the party. In such cases, the person may have to do an up gradation of the vehicle. While he was planning to go alone a budget car was enough but while going with 4 or 5 more friends he will be in a need of a bigger car.

In such case, two things could happen, the car rental either will upgrade the vehicle as per the demand or may not upgrade due to unavailability. One must check it that if the car is upgrading then what kind of charge the car rental company is charging to the hirer. Therefore, one talk about this also before you are hiring the service.

So, here I have pointed out some of the basic issues that may happen while a person is booking a car for going to the nearby places. These five basic tip can be very handy while someone is going for hiring a car service. However, apart from these, one must also check the accountability of the car rental company as well as the public opinion regarding the company. One can find the customers review over the internet about the company if they book a car over the net.

Authors’ Bio: PDB is journalist and a frequent traveller who mostly travels to the local out stations through booking cars. He also writes blog and shares own view on the different issues. Here, he pointed out 5 essentials tips regarding online booking of the cars.


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