Hire a Car and Bakkhali Can Be Your Next Weekend Destination

Getting bored of constants chirp and whip of boss? Do want to get some fresh air? Then Bakkhali could be an exact destination for your next weekend. However, there are lot of people who used to get bored of the increasing population in the Digha and surroundings. Bakkhali can be an ideal place for them too to have some recreation. It is just located 125 km from Joka, the so called of end of Kolkata. It is one of the islands situated in the Sundarban delta and completely detached from the mainland. Thus in order to reach there one can surely take help of service of car rental Kolkata. However, there are government buses, which are available up to Namkhana, the last point of mainland. The chances of getting car hire in the Bakkhali are very limited so, it would be advisable to hire a car from Kolkata itself or Diamond harbour.

Once get a car drive straight through NH117 towards Nmakhana. Once you reach Namkhana, you have to cross the river named Hatnia-Doania. Special ferries are available to transport the car with a very nominal charge of 160 rupees along with 30 rupees extra as toll. Once you crossed the river it takes hardly half and hour to 45 minutes to reach Bakkhali. Overall, it is a journey of 3.5 hours to 4 hours from Kolkata to Bakkhali. However, as NH117 is a part of golden quadrangle project the road is beautiful and smooth enough. However, after crossing the river you may find the road little busy especially in the morning time due to market places.

One can book lodge or hotels from here but it will be rightly advisable to book the hotel once your car reached at Bakkhali. It will help you to see the accommodation and to make a decision as many people used to face problems during off station booking. However, you do not have to worry about the driver as most of the hotels used to have dormitory facilities for the drivers. However, once you fixed your accommodation you can go to the beach. However, if someone wants to explore the area more they can hire motorised boats to travel nearby Jambu dwip. It takes 800 rupees nearly 15 rupees person. There are some other places are also their nearby it which also can be explored by hiring the boats.

One can take the car and go nearby Frasergunj, which is a fishing harbour. However, if have car you can drive to henry’s Island within ten minutes distance from Bakkhali. However, if wont have car, the van rickshaws are there to take to the nearby places. Nevertheless, it takes a little more time in order to reach those places. Henry’s Island is the new spot for the tourist. The government must get the credit for developing the place as a beautiful scenic spot for the tourist. There are also provisions to stay in rest houses, which are offered by the fisheries department. It was also a beautiful option to stay nearby to the virgin beach of Henry’s Island. There is a watchtower, which can be used by the tourists to look surrounding mangroves and ponds of fishery departments.

If you do not like to roam around then you can enjoy the life in Bakkhali itself. There is a Bisalaxmi Temple by the end of the Bakkhali beach. The beach it self is very clear and giving a nice reflection.

Finally, if you are exhausted from the issues of daily corporate affairs, one can directly lie on the beaches and can take massage from localities at a cost within 45rupees. Once completing the massage take deep splash in sea. However, there are shops there from which one can go for the shopping and other activities too. Finally, one thing can be said that if you do not having a car even, you can rent a car for few days and on the very next weekend you will be on the beaches of Bakkhali.


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