Break the monotonous life and feel the chill by taking a tour of Kolkata

The span of winter in Kolkata is very short, though officially, it must extend from mid September to February mid. However, it mostly starts at end of December and continue up to end of January. People can go for a car rent Kolkata and take a tour of the city on a single day. However, one can visit many spaces during this particular period of winter, but as for convenience here, we are proposing a model plan. One can select the places and hire the car as per their own convenience and need.

One can start arranging a tour to the Dakshineshwar temple through booking a car. Start the day away from work with a promising beginning. Arrange a visit to the popular Dakshineshwar temple and Goddess Bhabatarini. Procure the administrations of any great auto rental organization in Kolkata – and ask for the organization agents to send along the vehicle at a young hour in the morning (inside 6-6:30am). Have a light breakfast, and afterward put forward to get a vibe of the religious spirits of the city.

On a return, one can go for the zoo. Alipore zoo is one of the oldest zoo of India and contains s number of mammals and reptiles. On the way from the temple at Dakshineshwar inside a few hours, one can set out straight toward the Zoological Gardens of Kolkata. The sheer range and assortment of creature life at the Gardens would bowl you over. Take couple snaps as  they will be your keepsakes of the city.

As you have been all over the places since morning, thus you will begin feeling puckish. Ensure that the driver appointed to you by the auto rental organization in Kolkata knows about the best bistros in the city. You can go to the legacy rich Coffee House, and have several sandwiches, or select to eat something at the more upscale Flury’s. Bear in mind to have the roadside tea however – its right around a part of the city way of life!

Take a walk on Howrah Bridge: One can visit the famous Howrah Bridge. Begin for the Howrah Bridge next, and be flabbergasted at the sheer itemizing and building wizardry that has gone behind the formation of this terrific structure. Drivers from organizations that give auto employ administrations would love to drive along the Howrah Bridge as well because of the very much controlled activity here.

Have your lunch: There is no lack of tasteful eateries in Kolkata, and you can spoil your taste buds at any of them amid lunchtime. On the off chance that you are amusement to binge spending a bit, go to Park Street, and have your lunch at any of the well known eating joints there. In the event that you are a major aficionado of bona fide Chinese food, you can go to Chinatown also. The pocket squeeze would likewise be lower.

Visit Victoria Memorial: Kolkata has most loved significant others’ joint. Take a seat on the ground before this radiant building, and have tea and peanuts (another Kolkata claim to fame). You will likewise locate the impeccable carvings and outlines on the dividers of the Victoria Memorial to be noteworthy stunning.

Get a show at the Birla Planetarium: On your way back, ask the driver gave by the auto rental organization in Kolkata to take you to the Birla Planetarium. On the off chance that you are sufficiently lucky, you will have the capacity to get a decent, enlightening science appear over yonder. In the event that the show timetable is not helpful, gone to the Science City, and look at a portion of the continuous shows/displays.

Dine at any famous eatery, and go to your inn. Give back the rental vehicle to the workplace of the car hire service on your way back. However, a day is not enough to experience every one of the charms of Kolkata, yet taking after this schedule would in any event whet your craving to return for a rehash visit!


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