Enjoyed a trip with friends to Mandarmani on weekend

Working in any corporate is a challenging job and thus it is necessary that whenever, one will get time must go for a recreation. Something like this, we have done on the second weekend of previous month. Usually weekend used to be our holiday and additionally, our holiday extended due to the Independence Day celebration on the Monday. Thus, me along with three other friends decided to not waste a single hour and planned to get out by the night of Friday. Our office has guesthouses over there, thus getting a accommodation was not a problem at all. However, the problem that we faced is within such a short notice we did not get any sort of bus booking or railways booking. Thus, we have planned to contact some rental company providing car hire Kolkata. However, due to a tough booking schedule most of the companies were having a shortage of cars. However, luckily, we go a travera, which was big one for three of us but still we hired it.

Our journey started at 8 pm at the night, as we have to come from the office. However, we told our driver that we would have dinner by some roadside dhaba (Indian Motels). The car crossed the busy streets of Kolkata and took the national highway after Howrah. By 9.30 pm, we have reached Kolaghat and had our dinner. It was a splendid night and all four of us were enjoying the roadside views. However, I had a sleep in between and when my eyes were open we were near heading towards to chowlkhola, a few km away from Mandarmani. However, our driver told us that we could take two different roads to enter Mandarmani. One is straight through beach ad the other one is by road. However, we advised swapan da, our driver to take the safest way.

Our driver has driven the car through the village road though the conditions of the road are not stable enough. Nevertheless, it was the brilliance of the driver, which made the road simple for us. Near to midnight, we reached the guesthouse, went towards our rooms, and fell asleep. The roaring sound of the sea has made me awake in the morning. By 8 am, we had our breakfast with a breath taking view of the sea. We felt like the sea was kissing our feet.

However, we planned to stay in the hotel for the rest of the day. At sunset, we ask our car driver to take us to the beach. He drove the car to the beach and we had a great drive on the beach. The splashing waters of the sea were something beyond description. We really got amazed by the beautiful waves and stopped the car in between to make sure that we can take a bath in the sea. However, we asked out car driver to join with us. At the evening, we walked down the beach and enjoyed the beauty of the sea.

The next day we told our car driver to take us to the nearby tajpur, Shankarpur. The road is pretty much okay. However, the car, which is in a brilliant condition, did not let us suffer at all. Additionally the AC of the car was really worth mentioning as it given a chilled feeling even in such a hot weather. However, another thing I must mention that even the car was a hired one but it was very well maintained and gives a look of a brand new car. However, by the evening we get back to the guesthouse. We spent the whole evening by sitting at the seaside with hard drinks and snacks. The dinner was served with fresh fish curry and fried rice.

The next day, we left the guesthouse after having our breakfast as we planned to go to nearby Digha. Our car moved fast to the Digha beach, we stopped directly at the new Digha sea beach. After enjoying a good time over there, we took lunch at a near by beach side hotel. However, the bill was very cheap but the food was not rather it was of awesome quality. It was nearly 4 pm and by then we had to start of our return journey. We have gathered in this trip a pleasant experience. It helped me a lot in order to drain out all the stress and the pressure of my corporate life.

Before I would conclude, I must give a special thanks to Swapan da, our car driver. He never let us feels that he was not a part of us. He supported us as well as takes care of us just like a senior brother. Further, our car rental company, which provided us car on such short notice and that is also a well maintained on. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and will be cherished for a long in my life.


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