3 places you must visit near Kolkata

I have always had a flair for visiting new places to explore the culture of those areas. New places always attract me and pull me towards them. However, due to work pressure I do not get time always to visit the places that are far. Therefore, I try to explore the places, which are nearby and can be travelled by cars. Here I have shared some of my experience of visiting those places.

Bolpur, Shantiniketan: I was planning in to go somewhere to avoid the cacophony of the city life. My friends suggested me to visit Bolpur (Shantiniketan), a place just 163 km away from Kolkata. As the decision was taken in hurry, so I did not get time to book train tickets. However, I decided to go and as it was an off-season, so I hired a cheap car on rent and started the journey on Saturday second half. Once the car crossed the Howrah city and took NH2, I could sense the peace and sanity. It took two and half-hours to reach Bolpur and I found a budget hotel at a very cheap rate.

The next day I get up early, had my breakfast at the hotel and get up in the car to visit the near by place Kankalitala, Viswabharti University, deer park and local handicrafts villages. At evening, I went to the banks of river Ajay. I found that a thread like stream was floating and rest all was sand. I sat there and found it enchanting to see the sun set. I was mesmerized by the sound that has floated to my years. I saw two Bauls (local folk singers) were singing. I called them and heard the music for next one hour. The car took me back to hotel by 9,30pm. Next morning early, I left for Kolkata with the promise to back again.

Henry island: last year when I got a holiday on Saturday due to 15th August, I have planned to use the opportunity to give my rucksack little nudge and to have a relaxed weekend. I have planned to go somewhere, which would give me a break from the dissonance of city life. I heard of Henry Island somewhere so decided to spend the weekend over there. Once I have decided, I have found that booking a car will be the best option to reach there. I have planned to do a car hire in Kolkata and to reach there by as early. I found it is the best idea to reach the Henry Island through the car, as the bus service is very much limited. Car helps me to reach the place as well as it offers you a sense of freedom. I must highlight the portion of crossing the river on a ferry with the car itself was something very new for me in West Bengal. The 130 km distance took 3hours to reach the place by car. I was mesmerized by the view of mangrove forest. The moving red crabs on the beach made it look a moving red carpet. A panoramic view of sunset, which I enjoyed from the nearby watchtower, will be framed in my mind for a long time. I left the tourist lodge in my car by Sunday afternoon with a promise to have a date with this virgin beach again.

Bishnupur: Last year at the winter, I went to Bishnupur a town at Bankura district in west Bengal. The modern Bankura has enriched with the amenities of a proper city but I was attracted to the city with the due to the historical past of it. It had a rich heritage and was one of the flourishing towns in the mid 17th century and till known as temple town. The online car booking helped me to save time and I reached the place by noon. Once after having my lunch at evening I roamed in the car in the local nearby places to get the feel of the heritage. My love for history and craft makes my dslr busy through all the time. Next morning the car took me to famous Panchratna temple, Radheshyam temple, Manmohan temple and Dolmadol Kaman. The city has lot to offer which cannot be explored in one visit.

Thanks to the discount that my car rental agency provided, as it did not even burdened my pocket also. Therefore, I am eager to visit the places again as soon as I will get time.


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